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How the Foundation Works

The Grandview and District Community Foundation pools charitable gifts in a capital fund to create a lasting legacy for the future of our town and the surrounding area.

The Foundation grows through the generosity of many donors, both large and small. Your individual gift is never spent or "used up". It is preserved along with other donor gifts through an inverted capital fund.

Donations are retained as capital in perpetuity. The interest generated by the fund is used to provide grants to enhance the quality of life in the Grandview Area.

Your contribution can be made in several ways:
  • A gift or pledge of money
  • A bequest in a will
  • A charitable gift in memory of a relative or friend
  • An annual donation

You can designate your gift for the general charitable purposes of the Foundation or designate a particular field of interest. All gifts qualify as deductions for income tax purposes.


The Foundation Board reviews all applications each March and makes grants available to the qualifying applicants.

Click here to view the Foundation's brochure.

Click here to download  and print an application.